I would like to personally thank you (Harbour Investments) for pulling through on all of your promises. I was responsible for finding a landing zone for our firm this past year. We all know this can be a very unpleasant experience. We made our move to Harbour in November, finished by the end of December and were vacationing with the extended Harbour family in Panama in January. We were met with open arms and welcomed by all, thank you so much for that. The back office made our transition easy step-by-step. We had a set of requirements for the firm, the biggest being time. This is the great equalizer of life, there are no caps on income in this business. We know there is only so much time in a day. Harbour made the business process so easy. I sit back in my chair and still cannot believe how simple it is to place all types of business on a daily basis. I am currently trying to quantify that number and I know it’s significant.

Scott Berry - Neenah, WI - Joined Harbour November 2014
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Welcome to Harbour Investment's website for rep/advisors looking to make a change.

First and foremost, Harbour could not be where we are or who we are without the representatives we have today.  We treat our representatives the way they treat their clients, with respect and dignity.  Our representatives are professionals who are open to discussion, but also enjoy family type atmospheres.  We have a diverse group of representatives at Harbour, which generates many new ideas and great topics for discussion.

Harbour Quick Facts

  • Harbour was founded in 1987 and is wholly owned by President and CEO, Nick Sondel.
  • 2014 revenues exceeded $35M
  • We are your professional OSJ.  We approve every transaction.
  • With approximately 200 producing representatives, we have offices located in 11 states; primarily the upper Midwest.
  • The average tenure from our rep/advisors is 10.3 years.
  • Our Compliance record is clean.  See for yourself on FINRA's Broker Check.
  • Harbour’s cross trained staff gets you answers quickly eliminating transferring from one employee to the next.
  • Compliance is proactive and tough yet flexible because we have been in your position before.
  • We have a fast turn-around on compliance approvals.
  • Harbour values strong working relationships, loyalty and personal connections.