***Assistant Story*** From the beginning, working with Harbour has been amazing!  Knowing that you have a team of people you can rely on in a moment’s notice is wonderful!  Someone always answers the phone and it never takes more than an hour or two to resolve a question or an issue; it’s never days, but only hours.  Our 6 months of research and planning truly paid off and I’m pleased we finally made the move to Harbour. Click here to read Tina's full story

Tina Rudolph, Assistant to Dan Byrens - Battle Creek, MI - Joined Harbour in January 2013
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What does Harbour Investments, Inc. mean to you?

Every consultant must be registered with a broker/dealer.  Harbour Investments, Inc. is a full service, non-carrying broker/dealer.  Full service means we deal with all financial products:  mutual funds, variable annuities, variable life, stocks, bonds, CDs, etc.  Non-carrying means we do not hold cash or securities.  Broker/dealers are the intermediaries in the securities industry.  We acquire relationships with leading mutual funds, insurance companies and clearing firms.  Consultants have clients that they do business with, which is processed through the broker/dealer.  The broker/dealer enforces the rules and regulations of the industry, as well as assuring a superior level of service from their consultants.  All broker/dealers and consultants are registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Verification of Harbour's registration and registration of our registered representatives can be found under the FINRA Broker Check area at http://www.finra.org/.


You and your consultant are free to choose any investment style that works for you.  Our consultants have the experience, knowledge and resources to assist with your financial decisions.  Harbour offers your consultant the freedom to run their business to benefit you, the client.

Mutual Funds, Variable Annuities, and Insurance

As a non-carrying broker/dealer, Harbour Investments, Inc. may forward applications and investment monies to be held directly at the mutual fund, variable annuity or life insurance companies.  These companies are the holder of the investment or life insurance and are responsible for delivery of your account statements and confirmations.

Clearing Firms

A clearing firm is an organization that is affiliated with the Exchanges and is used to complete the securities transaction.  Clearing firms permit you to buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds and money market funds that can be held in one account.  Harbour uses Pershing LLC and Wedbush Morgan Securities as our clearing firms.  Pershing LLC processes transactions for over 1,100 firms such as Harbour, and also processes a significant portion of all trades on the New York Stock Exchange.  Pershing has over 3,700 employees and numerous regional offices throughout the U.S.  Wedbush Morgan Securities has been a clearing leader for over 35 years and is the largest clearing firm headquartered on the West Coast.  For your convenience, we also offer optional online viewing of your clearing firm account.

Independence, Integrity, Ideals

Harbour Investments, Inc. provides the ideal relationship for a truly independent consultant.  Our consultants may choose which product best suits their client's financial objectives.  Harbour is an independent broker dealer based in Madison, Wisconsin.  Harbour has access to most products and services offered by many large firms and in many cases an expanded selection.   Our consultants do not have quotas to satisfy.  We do have one requirement, that our consultants do their very best for you.

At Harbour Investments, Inc. we insist that our consultants put you, the client first.  Meeting your goals is our desire.  Each consultant has access to an extraordinary amount of information and technology, but yet still has true independence.

Our ideals are simple; treat people fairly, honestly and with respect.

Privacy Policy 

Harbour Investments, Inc. understands that you are concerned about the confidentiality of the financial and personal information you give our firm in the normal course of our conducting securities transactions and providing related investment services.  Our Privacy Policy has been reasonably designed to ensure the security of your financial and personal information.

The financial and personal information you disclose to us (nonpublic personal information) is essential to Harbour Investments and its representatives as we assist you in choosing quality investment products and services suited to your needs.  This information includes your name, address, date of birth, social security number, occupation, assets, income, investment objectives and so forth.  Nonpublic personal information is gathered from the following sources: (1) information we receive from you on account forms, applications and other documents involved with securities transactions and related investment services, and (2) information about transactions placed through our firm and/or our clearing firms by you or your Harbour representative.

Please refer to the link above on the menu to read our complete Privacy Policy.